UniDexBot - DEX Limit orders, Trading tools, Strategies, Dex Aggregator, Sniper on Etherium, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum chains

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Benefits of Working with Us


Limit Orders

Buy/sell tokens automatically at set prices. No need for you to sit and watch the charts


Dex Aggregator

Buy and sell tokens using the best price among various dexes



Set a buy order right after a token's listing. Buy before non-bot buyers


Trail Stop

Trailing stop is an option that allows to move the execution price of a limit order by a specified number of points in order to maximize profit


Stop Loss

Automatically sell your tokens once a set threshold is hit to minimize losses. No more fear of waking up rekt



Automatically buy & sell tokens at set % changes. Accumulate tokens and profit while the chart ranges. Available Martingale averaging strategy.


Charting Tools

Trading View charts are integrated into the web application


Cloud bot

The bot runs on a server/cloud so it can run even with your computer turned off, or even without internet connection once orders have been set

How to Get Started

Metamask connection

Go to

Attach the gas wallet to your metamask wallet by clicking on the red colored pin. After connection, it should turn green. Send some ETH to this wallet for your gas cost and you are ready to go.

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Choose token

Select the token that you want to sell and the token that you want to get in exchange. If the token is not on the list, just enter the address of its smart contract.

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Set price and gas

  • Select "Target volatility" - the value of token price change at which the order will be executed (calculated from the current market price).
  • Select "Max slippage" - the difference between the price at which you were going to conclude the transaction and the price at which it was actually executed.
  • Select "Gas limit" - this is the price you pay for each unit of gas. 100% means the ETH network's default value at the time of execution.
  • Select "Count Cycles" - you need to specify how many times the bot will automatically buy / sell the token. If only 1 trade is required, then you must specify "0".
  • Select "Gas price" - this is the price you pay for each unit of gas. 100% means the ETH network's default value at the time of execution.
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Confirm approve

Allow the smart contract to withdraw the amounts of tokens you have selected from your account. You can allow exactly as many tokens as you sell, or you can allow х10 multiple tokens in advance for further trading.

And click "Start trade"

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Wait for execution

All your placed and executed orders are displayed at the bottom of the page.

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Cross platform application for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux.